Women’s Health

Few health problems are common in both men and women. However, women also face some specific health issues. Since past few decades, the lives of women have drastically changed. In the past, women used to perform only the household chores, but now they also work outside to earn some income. Now they have become much aware about different diseases, which are specifically related with women’s health. Due to the advancement in technology, there has been made much control over various women related diseases.

During 1990s, the life span of American women was nearly 50 years, but now it has been raised to 82 years. It is believed that the life expectancy will further improve in the near future. No doubt, women’s health is the most discussed topic as they have to give rise to the new generation. But still, majority of the females don’t pay much attention towards their health that’s why they often experience different illnesses. It’s necessary that they take good care of their body and healthiness. Men should also remain supportive about women’s health so that they can stay healthy and fit.

Gynecology is related with women’s health problems and this branch of medical science must be taken into consideration. The term ‘gynecology’ is derived from two words i.e. ‘gyneco’ which means woman and ‘logic’ which means knowledge. Altogether, gynecology means woman knowledge. It’s essential that every female has complete know-how about women’s health concerns, which not just cover reproductive system but also her entire body.

Common Issues Related With Women’s Health

Some of the most common women’s health problems are menopause, depression, eating disorders, addictions, breast cancer, pregnancy issues, alcoholism, stress, cervical cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoarthritis, and urinary tract issues. Women can overcome all these problems by getting regular and early parental care, recommended cervical cancer, bone density, and breast cancer screenings.

Some Brief Facts About Women’s Health

• Females are more likely to expire as a result of heart attack as compared to men
• Females are more likely to reveal signs of anxiety and depression as compared to men
• The consequences of sexually transferred diseases are more severe in females
• Females are more likely to encounter urinary tract issues
• Osteoarthritis is more common among women as compared to men

Early screenings play a significant role when it comes to women’s health. It is highly recommended that women should undergo gynecological screenings after every three years, especially for those women who have cervix and are sexually active.

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