Women’s Health Center

It’s a fact that women and men are different. This is why manufacturers design products and services as per the requirements of men and women. The same trend has also been followed in the healthcare industry. A women’s health center is comprehensive, integrated clinic specially designed for meeting the unique healthcare requirements of women. These healthcare centers are not only providing convenience, but also offering a collaborative, unique healthcare facility.

Most of the people believe that a women’s health center only deals with gynecologic care i.e. pregnancy, birth control, and annual exams, but that is not true. Women’s health centers offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary, integrated care for women while educating women about the common birth injury causes. They are like a one-stop shop for women’s health. In fact, the majority of these healthcare centers are broad facilities that cater every aspect of women’s health. Here at Florida Sports and Family Health Center, a team of specialists and physicians work together to address every patient’s needs. We want to give the best health care to women to make them fit and healthy.

Why gender-specific health care?

Now you must be thinking how a women’s health center is different from other healthcare clinics? Well, that relates to the gender-specific care, which is not confined to physiological gender differences; rather it focuses on the entire health. Apart from reproductive differences, women and men experience almost similar illnesses in different ways. That is why women need a unique approach to healthcare.

Women experience several diseases differently. For instance, women are likely to experience pancreatic cysts as compared to men. The symptoms of cardiovascular diseases are different in men and women. Also, musculoskeletal injuries occur differently in women and they are more prone to different injuries.

The numbers of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears are four times more in women than in men that’s why they have more chances of ankle injuries. Actually, it relates to estrogen production and children birth. In women, there has been a difference in the angle from hip to knee that puts more stress on knee. However, women can avoid such injuries by doing core training and muscle training.

How a women’s health center is beneficial?

There are several advantages to receiving integrated, high-quality, gender-specific care. Women’s healthcare centers are specially established to cater women-related diseases and they continuously engage in research to improve treatment. Florida Sports and Family Health Center is an integrated healthcare facility for a woman that offers the best services in Florida. It’s a multi specialty center and our doctors are not just limited to women’s reproductive health, but caters their overall health.

FS&FHC has hired specialists for women’s healthcare who are committed to provide quality care. Our healthcare facility is well aware of the fact that early screening is really important to help women stay healthy. This is why we strongly recommend gynecological screenings, which must be carried out after every three years for the sexually active women who have a cervix. Our doctors not just specialize in women’s health, but are also board certified.

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