Women’s Health

Women’s health is a major concern all around the world. Women are responsible for bringing new life to this earth. Besides that, there are numerous things that women are doing in different fields. But men and women don’t have the same body so there needs to be a different approach while treating women. Women go through different stages of their life and there are some common diseases in women that need to be addressed. Women can get assistance from health and fitness center for any illness. This is a place that is built around the special needs of women.

Here are some of the biggest women’s health concerns that are handled in our facility.

Heart Disease

Heart diseases are common in both men and women, but it is definitely a big cause of death all over the world. The problem gets serious when premature death happens, and the cause of death is heart disease. For the past few years, many women have died in their 60’s which is too soon especially in the US. Women who died in their 60s had been ill with symptoms like being out of breath, not being able to take the stairs and feeling pain in shoulders or arms instead of the chest and some more. These women showed symptoms when it was too late to remedy. They also showed vague symptoms. Vague symptoms are hard to interpret into heart diseases.

Breast Cancer

Although different types of cancer can hit women, but breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. According to some studies, it is second as the leading cause of death for women. Number one is lung cancer. But many experts say that it is greatly exaggerated, and many women end up taking rash decisions before anything could ever happen. Keeping track of your body’s health is important so having a screen test is essential. You and your doctor can explore different types of solutions depending on your impending situation.

To reduce the risk of breast cancer, women should quit smoking, opt for a healthy lifestyle, add 30 minutes of exercise, and keep a healthy diet. There is compelling evidence that it is in your genes, but no woman is immune to this.


Another bigger concern of women’s health is osteoporosis. Women tend to have weak and fragile bones especially older women. But a healthy lifestyle in your adult life could prevent such problems so get in touch with a doctor and have a discussion on how to keep yourself healthy at an older age.


It has been observed that depression is compromising women’s health more than men. Mental health affects physical health and hormonal changes can lead women to depression.

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