Womens Health 

Womens health refers to a wide variety of treatments and diagnoses of the health-related issues that arise in women. These health-related issues can affect the physical and emotional wellbeing of women in general. These days, womens health is becoming an important concern around the world because women usually face health discrimination due to several societal and cultural factors. A woman needs more health care opportunities and access to the health care system owing to their sexual and reproductive needs. Women have different health care challenges than men, therefore, a variety of topics are included when we refer to the general term of women’s health.

Some of the focus areas include the following:

1- Birth control, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and gynecology issues

These are the issues that every woman faces in her sexually active years. Generally, every girl faces some sort of challenge in her early years of being sexually active. These issues include irregular menstrual cycles, heavy menstrual cycles, pelvic pain, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), vaginal infections, suitable birth control tablets, basic awareness of handling their body, and many more things that are needed to address.

2- Pregnancy and childbirth

Womens health is mainly associated with reproduction, pregnancy, and childbirth in many societies. And for that, their health comes first, if they are not healthy, the baby won’t have good health. So, giving them the access to health care system is absolutely necessary. Every woman requires prenatal care, proper nourishment, safe delivery options, and postpartum care.

3- Hormonal issues and menopause

Stress, anxiety, and depression have become so common for men and women. In women, the stress triggers infertility and hormonal issues. Although some women experience infertility from a whole different perspective, but hormonal changes can affect it. Women need special health care when they are about to reach menopause.

4- Cancer

Women are prone to have ovarian, breast, and other kinds of female cancer than men. These cancers can hit any woman but to diagnose them early women are required to have a screening test like mammography, genetic testing, hormonal therapy, and mastectomy, among other tests.

5- Osteoporosis

Every woman goes through the different phases of life and no matter how hard you deny, there are certain aspects of womanhood that cannot be filled by any man. One of those is birthing, breastfeeding, and nursing a child. All of this takes energy and if that energy is not sustained through proper diet, then it can cause calcium and vitamin D deficiency in women.

6- Other health issues

Besides the common health issues, women need psychological care if they have been abused or experienced sexual assault. They need guidance to balance a healthy life while coping with their responsibilities.

Although womens health covers a wide variety of issues and treatment, Florida Sports and Family Health Center is equipped to handle most of them. We have certified doctors that are able to give women the best advice. You can have an appointment with our doctors that are available 24/7. Rest assured; you will be provided with the best health care system.

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