Women’s Health

Women’s health is of prime importance and each one of them should be able to handle stress with ease and get good healthcare. Women suffer from unique health issues and some of the issues that affect both the sexes can affect the women in a different way. Some of the unique health issues in women are menopause, pregnancy issues and problems related to female organs. If a woman gets regular and right prenatal care, she can definitely have a healthy pregnancy. And, women can live a healthy life and avoid breast cancer, cervical cancer and bone density issues by getting regular screenings.

Women’s health is of prime importance and each one of them should be able to handle stress with ease and get good healthcare

Men and women suffer from many common health issues but there some health problems that affect the women differently.

  • The effects of STDs can be more serious for women than men.
  • Women are likely to get depressed and anxious.
  • Women have a higher death rate after a heart attack.
  • Women are more likely to suffer from urinary tract problems.

Among the various screenings that women have to undergo to sustain a healthy lifestyle, gynecological screening is recommended for every woman for promoting good health.

Importance of Visiting a Gynecologist

A woman’s body requires experienced care from the professionals. A gynecologist specializes in women’s health and focuses on the female reproductive system. The specialist doctor deal with a wide range of health issues such as menstruation, obstetrics, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and fertility problems. A gynecologist is the one a woman needs for attentive and preventive care.

  • When you visit a gynecologist, you can talk about your sexual health and problems related to it. The medical professional will manage and treat pain during sex, sexually transmitted infections and infertility.
  • During an annual examination, various screening exams will be conducted. One of the important procedures would be breast and pelvic exams. This will help in identifying cancer at early stages or any other health problems that cannot be identified by any other exam.
  • The gynecologists have a lot of expertise in birth control. They will advise you based on your physical health condition after checking all your tests and reports.
  • The sexually active women, under 25 years of age, should undergo gonorrhea and Chlamydia examination annually. These exams are highly recommended because if they are left untreated, they can cause infertility in women.
  • Apart from these, the gynecologists can also be the primary care provider. They can help you in improving your mental health during pregnancy and also provide counseling for family planning. They can offer suggestions you on your diet and exercise and provide information on healthy lifestyle habits.

When it comes to health, it is the woman who has to take the initiative and consult the right doctor. There are many health problems unique to women. So, annual screening is important that will help the doctor to evaluate and prescribe medications accordingly. An annual health checkup by the professional will always help in the prevention of illness and avoid complications in treatment.

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