Women’s Health

Many women are not living up to their complete potential, no matter how much science and technology have progressed. For many years, women have tolerated, obeyed, compromised and sacrificed her own needs to take care of their loved ones. She has successfully played this role by neglecting her own health. Women’s well-being is becoming very important these days as her health has a larger influence on her children’s emotional as well as psychological well-being. Women’s health is considered to be her total well-being, not limited to physical health-biological factors and reproduction but also stress, depression, workload, nutrition, etc. The health of women is facing threats from many areas, leading to complications and consequences. Let’s see some of them.

No Self-Care

Most of the working women find it tough to juggle their family and work-life. The busy schedule is so stressful for them that they neglect to care for themselves. This not only harms their health but also leads to loss of productivity in the workplace. This is often associated to a lack of exercise as well as bad eating habits. It’s more convenient to pick something up to eat when you are living a busy lifestyle. However, this decision is the first line of consequences as the food may not offer the nutritional value needed to function properly.It’s not about being thin, it’s about being healthy.


In recent times, younger women are taking to alcohol and smoking to alleviate stress affecting their health adversely. Addiction to any of these makes them vulnerable to mental disorders, stress and depression. According to a study, women are also less successful in quitting addictive habits. This leads to poor physical and emotional health in future generations.

Belated Motherhood

More and more women are putting off the age of motherhood to stay successful in their careers. Although it is great to have plans for the future, the older the person is to make the decision to produce the harder it becomes for the body to not only have the child, but recover from the process.More and more women are finding themselves in a situation where having a child is taking a hard toll on their body because of this decision accompanied with a fatigue that comes with age.

Women’s health is of utmost importance if we want to realize their full potential in society. It is not only important for them to take care of their emotional health but also they have to be physically fit to carry out everyday duties conveniently. A timely check-up by a healthcare professional is necessary to know about their physical health condition so that they can be treated quickly and efficiently if they are found to have any illness.

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