What Happens During an Immigration Physical?

What exactly is an Immigration Physicals, and who needs one? Getting an immigration medical exam or physical is required before becoming a green card holder or permanent resident in the United States.

It is a key component of maintaining public safety and satisfying the health-related requirements for a foreign national’s admissibility. The exam, which consists of many sections, must be completed by a government-approved doctor.

Being prepared for the immigration physical and understanding what to anticipate might help to make the process go more smoothly. What do you necessitate to know about immigration physically as an immigrant?

Florida Sport’s and Family Health Center is going to discuss this topic below! Stay with us!

What is Called Immigration Physicals?

When applying for lawful permanent resident status in the United States, persons must pass an Immigration Medical Exam (also known as a Green Card Medical Exam or a USCIS Medical Exam), including immunizations.

Immigration Physicals during Covid-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration physicals are still being performed. Immigration physicals will continue to be required as more visa workers, and permanent residents are admitted into the United States following the conclusion of the COVID epidemic.

While the epidemic has posed several obstacles to the immigration process, particularly for medical professionals who perform immigration medical tests, the procedure is nonetheless moving forward.

However, certain approved medical offices inside the United States and outside the area may still be closed or have limited business hours. Therefore, it is recommended to phone the nearest physician’s office to ensure they are open and doing exams.

What Is Included in an Immigration Physical?

Immigration physicals are similar to primary care appointments in that they provide a comprehensive assessment of your health. To receive their physicals, patients will need to fill out different papers and documentation. Several steps are involved in the process:

  • Completed Paperwork:

Prepare your documents before booking your appointment. Complete the candidate part form, Medical Examination and Vaccination Record.

Bring an official picture ID, like a driver’s permit or a substantial visa, or then again, in case you are 14 years of age or less, a birth authentication (with an English interpretation) or a justified statement.

Bring any medical records, including vaccination records, and relevant documentation of medical history, such as a certificate of adequate treatment for syphilis or tuberculosis, a record of harmful behavior and mental or psychiatric illness, or a record of destructive or violent behavior, to the appointment.

  • Examining Procedure:

The immigration examination is a rigorous process that examines many elements of your medical history and current medical state.

  • A medical and immunization history review is performed.
  • Inspecting your eyes, ears, nose, and throat, limits, heart, lungs, tummy, lymph hubs, skin, and external genitalia is and significant piece of the essential part of the test.
  • There will also be a mental examination.
  • Required vaccinations will be administered if they are missing.

Selecting a Doctor for your Exam

You will not be allowed to see any doctor for your immigration medical examination. Instead, the test must be done by a doctor who the government has approved. Outside of the United States, authorized physicians will be referred to as “panel physicians” by the US embassy or consulate.

Candidates applying from inside the United States will be shipped off a “common specialist.” In the two cases, they are specialists who are permitted to do your test.

Suppose you apply for an immigrant visa through a United States embassy or consulate (consular processing). 

In most situations, you will have a choice of doctors. However, it is always a good idea to double-check the protocol with your local consulate. Before the board doctor visits you, you might have to have your arrangement notice. 

For circumstances including change of status, you should have an assessment with a familiar specialist in the United States. There is additionally an index of well-known specialists.

Cost of Exams

For the actual assessment charge, contact your neighborhood supplier. The tuberculosis skin test, syphilis blood test, chest X-beams, inoculations, and other blood or clinical trials and interpretation administrations are altogether extra. 

All assessment-related charges should be settled completely at the hour of the assessment by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, check card, cash, cash request, or check.


If you are bringing your family with you, you should be prepared to answer inquiries about your family’s health. If you require more vaccinations, they may be administered during your physical.

It is an exciting moment for you and your family to immigrate to the United States.

However, before applying for residence in the United States, schedule an appointment online and visit the physicians.

Contact Florida Sport’s and Family Health Center for a quick and convenient guideline to verify your health and satisfy all standards.

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