Sports Medicine

Florida Sports and Family Health Center is one of the best sports medicine facility in Florida. It was started by Doctor Joseph Torres in 1995, who is also the managing director and the founder of this sports medicine facility. As the name shows, this medical facility is specially designed to cater the needs of athletes. Considering that this is the age where you don’t have to be a full-time athlete to exercise and keep the fitness schedule, this sports medicine facility is laced with the fitness equipment which will keep you in shape along with prestige fitness. All of the doctors and the other staff are well trained and equipped to handle any sort of sports-related injuries and post effects of injuries among many other health-related issues. We deal with all sorts of health problems including women health, therapeutic assistance, and sports-related physical exams for everyone.

The Florida Sports and Family Health Center provides excellent care for athletes and their families.

Our main subject is sports medicine and we proudly assist every athlete whoever comes in our facility for treatment. The doctors here are certified and have specialized medical degrees in sports medicine. So many big companies have hired us to do the physical fitness exams for young athletes as well as the elders. We conduct school and sports physicals for school-age kids and physical exams for those who are immigrants here in the USA. Such exams require extensive yet professional look which our doctors provide gladly. We have 2 locations just to ease up everyone during physical fitness exams.

Athletes: As for the young athletes, it is important that they are in good health if they wish to play a certain sport. If you are less old than 18 then you can come with your parents and see the doctor. Let the doctor see and decide if you need anything to improve your fitness, otherwise, you should keep the healthy diet and some exercises prescribed by your doctor to help you while you are in the field playing. In case of sports injuries, the doctors here can treat you well and make sure that they heal you properly so that you could go back in the strong as you were before hurting yourself. Surely, athletes get angry if they aren’t giving their 100% in their field, but the doctors here not only treat your physical condition, but they will ask you to have some therapeutic sessions as well. This way, an athlete can let out his or her emotions and have better chances to move on and be stronger than before.

Why People Choose Florida Sports and Family Health Center?

There are some things which make any place into extraordinary. The Florida Sports and Family Health Center has some good reasons which include:

  • 24/7 sports medicine services
  • Walk-ins are welcomed and there is no need for you to make an appointment as the doctors here are available every time you come in.
  • We surely don’t require health insurance from you people.

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