PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma

Injuries are very common in our lives and it is important to get the right treatment with shorter recovery times. PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is a non-operative technique for treating various kinds of chronic diseases and techniques. Due to the nature of the treatment, many elite sports personalities, which can be wagered on, and highly active people choose this therapy for treating the injuries.

The professional player can begin their practice again with minimum pain if treated using Hydration Iv Drip Therapy. The musculoskeletal injuries are also healed naturally by this treatment, giving instant relief to the patient.

Before going further, let us understand what Platelet-Rich Plasma is.

It is just human blood but with a large concentration of platelets. The platelets help in faster recovery of the injury and have the potential to enhance the healing of your tendon and muscles. It basically accelerates the soft tissue healing and augments the tissue repair. As soon as the Platelet-Rich Plasma is injected into the body, it starts the healing process immediately. In this therapy, mainly platelets are used for treating the injuries as they comprise of a special type of proteins that heal the wounds faster and reduce the inflammation and pain.

Why PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

  • This therapy is considered to be a natural rejuvenation process because there are no foreign substances used for the treatment of diseases or injuries.
  • The plasma with a high concentration of platelets is taken from the patient’s own blood. Therefore, there are no side effects of PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy.
  • For hair loss problems, PRP is a very effective treatment as the concentrated platelets, which are injected into the patient, stimulates the growth of hair cells.
  • With the PRP treatment, the recovery times are quicker compared to conventional medical treatment.
  • The PRP treatment takes longer time to complete, but it gives long-lasting results.

PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Procedure

To check if the patient is fit for PRP therapy, a medical examination is performed. A blood sample of the patient is collected and then centrifuged to isolate platelets in the blood. Now, an injection with the concentrated platelets is prepared and injected on the area of the injured part. The ultrasound imaging is used during the procedure to check if the plasma is placed correctly. The number of PRP injections depends on the severity and type of injury. This therapy may be painless but it can give discomfort to the patient. The recovery process begins as soon as the injection is administered and the reparative cells are released.

PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is used to treat various kinds of injuries and medical conditions. It is one of the safest procedures and has no side effects as no foreign substance is used in the procedure. No matter whether you are a sportsperson or an active individual, PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is an effective treatment option for recovering quickly from injuries.

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