PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma

This therapy was first during a plastic surgery in the early 1990s and since then it has been applied for treating various musculoskeletal problems. Various top athletes and super active professionals suffer from injuries on a day-to-day basis. These injuries are then treated using complicated medical procedures with longer recovery times. PRP Platelet-rich Plasma therapy is a non-operative technique used for treating various kinds of injuries and other health problems. Presently, this technique is highly preferred by premier athletes because it allows them to return to their game pretty quickly.

Platelets play a key role in the treatment of various kinds of wounds and complicated medical conditions in the patient. PRP treatment is based on the concentration of platelets and natural healing power of the body. Human blood is a combination of small solid particles called RBCs, WBCs and platelets. Though platelets are known for clotting blood, they consist of numerous growth proteins, which assist in healing various kinds of injuries.

PRP Platelet-rich Plasma is just part of the patient’s blood containing a high concentration of platelets, normally above the baseline. It promotes healing of injured muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and various other chronic conditions. It accelerates the repair of soft tissue and rejuvenates them and also helps in stimulating new tissues in the body.

PRP Treatment Procedure

After a thorough medical examination, a blood sample of the patient is collected using aseptic technique. It is then put into a centrifuge so that platelets are separated from other blood components. The PRP Platelet-rich Plasma injection is prepared and carefully injected into an area of a patient’s body that needs treatment. The PRP starts the healing process as soon it is injected into the injured part of the body. During the entire procedure, ultrasound imaging can be used to see if the PRP is injected correctly. The number of PRP injections, administered into the patient’s injured part, depends on the type of injury.

Benefits of PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma

  • No foreign substances are used in this therapy as patient’s own blood with high-concentration of platelets is injected into the patient’s body. Hence, it is a natural rejuvenation process, providing instant relief to the injured body part
  • It gives long-lasting results to the patient although the treatment itself takes little time to complete
  • There are no side effects of this treatment as the patient’s own blood is used for the treatment of injuries
  • Other medical procedures are complicated and the patient takes longer times to recover. But recovery is faster with the PRP treatment
  • It is an effective treatment for hair loss as the growth factors of the cells, which are injected into the scalp, help in stimulating the hair growth cells, giving shinier and thicker hair

Although the effectiveness of PRP treatment depends on the overall health of a patient and the injured body part, several studies have shown that PRP therapy has decreased pain in the injured body part and improved its function. PRP Platelet-rich Plasma technique can be used for the treatment of various medical conditions such as fractures, joint dysfunction, arthritis and ankle sprains, etc. It is a safe procedure for sports professionals and highly active individuals and also it helps them in recovering faster from many kinds of injuries.

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