Are you Uninsured? Don't wait to get care!

FSFHC Medi-visits is here to help you get medical assistance and office exams even if you don’t have insurance! We offer 4 times the care for one flat rate of $400*.

With Medi-visits, you can visit our office 4 times a year for one low rate.

How Does It Work?

If you are uninsured, simply call us to set an appointment. Let us know that you are uninsured and that you’re interested in the medi-visit program. Our team will explain the program to you.

Program Includes

Ultrasounds: Abdominal, thyroid, Pelvic, Trans-vaginal, Renal Duplex SC

EKG, Arterial Doopler, Cartoid Doppler, Venous Doppler, Venipuncture, Pap-Smear

Injections*: Licodine, Phenegran TB & TD, MMR, Kenalog, Hepatitis B, DTap, DTap Adult, Gardidsil, Meningococal, Varicella.
*Admin Fee Per unit.

Other Tests: Holter Mointor, Spirometry, Pregnancy Test, BX Single Lesion, Debidement INF Skin, Arth Major Joint, Nebulizer TX, Spiro / Pre&Post, Colpo, Bx add lesion, Destruction one lesion, Artocentrsis S, Joint, Pulse Oximetry, Stress test, Colpo/Biopsy, I&D Abcess, Destruction 2-4 Lesion, U/A, Breath Tek, Empi Patch, Nasalscope, Trigger Point

The above services are charged separately. Please inquire about fees prior to receiving service.

*This rate is for office visits only. Any other procedures if necessary must be paid at the time of visit.

The Medi-Visit is Non-Transferable, Non-Refundable and expires 1 year from the ate of purchase.

Patient Reviews

Perfect is a understatement. The staff was VERY professional. The office was clean, and organized. The wait wasn’t long. The doctor is amazing as well as the staff. I felt very much welcomed. Most importantly they gave me a lot of hope in regards to my concern by explaining everything to me. I will be returning again. Most definitely.
– Jayden G.

Dr. J. Torres is an outstanding doctor. His staff is always pleasant and a lot of fun. I always look forward to my office visits. Dr. Torres is one of those rare doctors. He honestly listens to his patients, he shows deep concern, and the patient always matters to him and his staff. I honestly love this doctor and his staff. I would not go to any other PCP. Although I feel like I lost time by going to another PCP before Dr. Torres. I can honestly say I am very happy, completely happy with Dr. Torres and his staff. Finally I have now only the best 2 doctors I will ever need. Dt. Torres and my Surgeon Dr. Albert.
– Valeria M.

Very attentive and friendly staff. Never had a problem with referrals to the few specialists I’ve needed. You may see a PA more often than a physician, but that is today’s common practice.
– Patrick D.

Staff is always helpful and efficient. Dr. Torres is truly an outstanding Primary Care Physician. He always has time to discuss any questions I may have and offers any suggestions that might help. Thank you!
– William H.

Our Past Clients