In-House Vascular and Ultrasound

The vascular system is an important part of your body and is responsible for the circulation of blood, oxygen, hormones and other nutrients to and from cells in the body, thereby providing nourishment. To evaluate the circulating system of the body, vascular ultrasound is performed that also tells about blockages in arteries and veins. If you blood circulation is not in great conditions then your body will not be getting all the nutrients and hormones it needs, that’s why a lot of men need to get ED care when they have a hormonal imbalance.

It is basically an ultrasound method that is practiced to understand the blood circulation in the body. It is non-invasive and hence painless and can be used to evaluate arteries and veins in any part of the body that includes blood vessels in legs, abdomen, arm or neck. The Doppler ultrasound technique, which is used for evaluating the flow of blood through the blood vessel, is also a part of the exam. As it is a non-invasive procedure, there is no need of needles and anesthesia. The vascular ultrasound also does not require contrast dye and radiation like other tests like X-ray.

Vascular Ultrasound works on the basic principle of sound waves and hence, it is safe and does not cause any pain.

You can get the Vascular Ultrasound done at Florida Sports and Family Health Center as we are one of the oldest centers providing excellent healthcare and treatment to patients of all age groups. We have treated numerous sports personalities since the beginning and have made sure all their needs are fulfilled by our experts. We have expert individuals for performing different tests at this center and all of them have enough experience to even handle complex cases. We are a popular health center for treating athletes and have already helped many of them to continue playing their sport after recovering from injuries.

How Vascular Ultrasound Works?

This works on the basic principle of sound waves and hence, it is safe and does not give any pain to the patient. The whole set-up consists of a computer, a screen that displays the picture and a transducer for scanning. The transducer is a device that is connected to the scanner and is responsible for sending out sound waves.
The high-frequency sound waves are sent into the body that gets reflected from the tissues in the body. The transducer then collects the reflected sound waves and records small changes in the pitch. These are measured and displayed in a computer, thereby creating a picture. This picture is immediately visible on the screen that is based on frequency and amplitude. This is used for detecting changes in the size and appearance of tissues, organs and tissues.

The speed and direction of blood cells are also measured by the Doppler ultrasound method. A computer processes the sound to create graphs representing the blood flow through the vessels.

How We Perform Vascular Ultrasound?

First, the patient is laid down on a table, which can be moved as needed. For improving the image quality, the patient can be turned to any side. Then, the gel is applied on part of the body that has to be studied so that the transducer clearly touches the skin without any air pockets in between. The radiologist moves the transducer to various locations in an area to get the clear view. Then, Doppler sonography is taken by the same transducer. These procedures will give a clear picture of the area of concern and the reports are analysed by a radiologist and the physician.

We are an established medical center in the state of Florida and provide various medical treatments to the patients. We have top radiologists in our team of experts with an experience of many years. We not only test and diagnose the disease correctly but also provide the right level of treatment. The staffs at our center are professionally trained to handle medical emergencies. When you need a high-quality medical facility for treating injuries, don’t forget to visit Florida Sport and Family Health Center.

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