In-House Vascular and Ultrasound

Florida Sports and Family Health Center is a grand health care facility in Florida. It was established in 1995 by Doctor Joseph Torres. He is the Medical Director and the founder of this hospital. The hospital provides various treatment approaches for its patients. They use invasive and non-invasive methods to treat various illnesses. Our facility takes family health very seriously hence we provide a long range of treatment portfolio that includes family health, women health, physical fitness training, immigration physicals, sports-based medicine, In-house vascular and ultrasound, homeopathy, and depression. The hospital has top of the line medical and para-medical staff that can handle all sorts of cases.

Here we are going to talk about In-House Vascular and Ultrasound. Let’s have a look:

Vascular ultrasound is a non-invasive ultrasound method. Non-invasive refers to a procedure that does not require the use of a scalpel or any kind of anesthesia. The vascular system is an important system of the human body. It is spread all over the human body through arteries and vessels. These arteries and vessels carry oxygenated blood and important nutrients to every part of our body. In-house vascular and ultrasound is conducted to examine the blood circulation in the human body. This will show the arteries and the veins of the human body. So, if anyone complains of high cholesterol or something like that, he or she should get their vascular ultrasound done first to know what is going on in the blood vessels. The vascular ultrasound will reveal the blood flow, clots and narrowed vessels. This way the cardiologists would be able to prescribe you a related medicine.

The in-house vascular and ultrasound is painless as there would be no cutting and binding skin from anywhere. This way the procedure becomes pretty safe and non-invasive. To conduct this procedure, three things are needed, which include a computer, a transducer, and a screen. During the process, high-frequency sound waves are sent through the transducer which examines the circulatory system. The machine is connected with a scanner where you could get the display. The scanner shows the detected blood clots and blockages in the blood vessels of a human body. The blockage can be in any part of the body like leg, arm, abdomen, feet, etc. Furthermore, the doctor gets the complete picture of what is wrong with the body and they can prescribe medicine to treat that particular blockage or clots.

At Florida Sports and Family Health Center, the cardiology doctors apply the gel on the specific area where they want to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound waves are then sent to the body with the help of the transducer. These ultrasound waves are displayed differently on the part of the body where there is a blockage like reflexes. The transducer collects the reflexes sound waves carefully and makes an image of internal structures. While conducting the exam, little bit sound is recorded and measured on the display screen with the help of a transducer. The doctors here make sure that the transducer touches the skin properly and can be moved around easily.

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