In-House Vascular and Ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound is an accurate and safe way to diagnose circulatory problems. It is a non-invasive procedure that evaluates the quantity of blood flow in veins and arteries. The circulatory system or vascular system is important for the human body as it comprises of vessels that carry blood through the whole body. Both veins and arteries carry blood in the human body and provide nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. An in-house vascular and ultrasound helps examine the vascular system and provides comprehensive information regarding blood blockages and circulation.

During the in-house vascular and ultrasound process, sound waves enter the tissues with the help of an ultrasound machine. These sound waves get reflected from blood cells and again enter the ultrasound machine that records a pattern they generate to provide a complete image of blood vessels. The medical specialists at Florida Sports and Family Health Center examine the image on the monitor and then calculate the speed of blood through a certain artery or vein. In case of fast blood flow, the patient is like to have a blockage or narrowing in the affected blood vessel.

Why vascular ultrasound is performed?

The vascular ultrasound procedure is performed for a number of reasons. The team at Florida Sports and Family Health Center perform in-house vascular and ultrasound to:

  • Examine blood flow to tissues and organs throughout the body.
  • Find and identify abnormalities (like emboli or plaque) and blockages (stenosis) in the blood vessels so that effective treatment can be suggested.
  • Identify blood clots (DVT – deep venous thrombosis) in the arms or legs.
  • Find whether the patient is healthy for a procedure like angioplasty.
  • Identify the source as well as the seriousness of varicose veins.
  • Examine the success of processes that bypass or graft blood vessels.
  • Locate an enlarged or inflated artery (aneurysm).

Technological advancements allow the medical specialists to use vascular ultrasound procedure to detect and evaluate more vascular conditions, such as problems with kidneys’ arteries and abdominal aortic aneurysms. The in-house vascular and ultrasound also helps examine the recovery of patients who gave undertaken procedures like stent placement and bypass grafts.

Benefits of vascular ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound is the safest form of diagnostic testing. It is totally non-invasive and does not involve any injections or incisions. Unlike X-rays, it does not expose the patient to radiation. Also, there is no use of a contrast dye that is essential for some testing to generate a clearer image. This procedure provides correct psychological data about blood flows in arteries and veins. Vascular ultrasound is more portable as compared to other imaging techniques. For example, MRI and CAT machines are big and immovable whereas a vascular ultrasound machine can be moved from one place to another.

The in-house vascular and ultrasound facility at Florida Sports and Family Health Center can diagnose patients conveniently and quickly. Their medical specialists routinely examine patients who have more chances of developing vascular illness. Patients do not need to visit any lab for vascular ultrasound as this facility is provided inside the healthcare center.

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