In-House Vascular and Ultrasound

Florida Sports and Family Health Center is your one-stop-shop for all your medical and fitness problems. It was initially started in 1995 by our very own Doctor Joseph Torres. He is the founding father and the Medical Director of this facility. This medical and sports health center gives brilliant physical treatment to the athlete community and their families. Every doctor in this medical facility is particularly board-certified and affirmed in the fields of family health, women health, fitness solutions, depression, immigration physicals, sports-based medicine, homeopathy, and other treatments as well. We are very well equipped to handle complex situations as well. Whatever you require, our Florida Sports and Family Health Center will provide you with the best of their abilities in this fully equipped medical facility. We don’t treat every medical problem, but we believe fitness is an important hallmark in this modern era.

We have been pushing our limits to explore new fields of medical science. Luckily, we have been able to introduce the In-house Vascular and Ultrasound facility. Let’s dig a little into it to have a clear idea of what does it mean to have in-house vascular and ultrasound.

What is Vascular and Ultrasound?

A few years back, there was not much technology around and most doctors would have to make incisions and do surgeries to heal patients. These procedures were great, but sometimes it resulted in blood loss or a kind of more complex procedure than a doctor could anticipate. To eliminate the risk of losing someone due to surgical procedures, vascular ultrasounds have been introduced. A vascular ultrasound is a non-invasive technique in which the arteries and veins will be visible to the doctor without any incision, anesthesia, or without the use of any needle. It basically used to determine the blood flow in veins and arteries. Our body has a whole system of vessels in which the blood flows throughout the body. Not only the vessels carry the blood, but they also serve oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body. If anyone is having any cardiovascular problem, he or she should have a vascular ultrasound.

In-House Vascular and Ultrasound at Florida Sports and Family Health Center

At Florida Sports and Family Health Center, there is a modern and upgraded system to do in-house vascular and ultrasound. The doctors that are the expert in the field apply the gel on the specific area where they want to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound waves travel through the blood vessels and locate the blockage of blood clots within the vessels. These ultrasound waves illuminate the part of the body where the blockage is found. The transducer collects the sound waves and makes an image of internal structures when the doctor moves it thoroughly. These images can guide the doctors to remove the blockage and adjust the stent. The movement and sounds are recorded carefully to determine the exact blockage. The Doppler technique at Florida Sports and Family Health Center for vascular ultrasound is very effective

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