Immigration Physicals

If you are looking to change your current residential status via immigration, then you have to go through immigration physicals from a reputable hospital.  Immigration physicals are a necessary part of the immigration process. Your immigration application will not approve if you fail to go through the required physicals along with other tests. Only a government authorized medical clinic can perform immigration physicals. Basically, an immigration physical include the following:

Immigration physicals are a necessary part of the immigration process.

  • A mental and physical evaluation
  • Detail check of immunization records
  • Alcohol and drug screening
  • Tests for various illness and diseases
  • A complete review of medical history

The key purpose of immigration physicals is to ensure that the person who wants to immigrate is healthy mentally and physically and has no serious illness. Certain medical conditions have been set by the governments to approve an immigration application and their fulfilment is necessary if you want to immigrate to a foreign country.

Many immigration applicants get confused about the requirements of immigration physicals as a result of which they do not qualify for immigration. But nothing to worry as Florida Sports and Family Health Center is here to assist you. We offer immigration physicals that comprise of a comprehensive interview on the medical history, an extensive physical, and various tests or immunizations as demanded by the immigration department. Once all the necessary tests, immunizations, physical and mental examinations are completed, a sealed official document will be provided to an immigration officer.

To accelerate the paperwork procedure, applicants are requested to bring the following documents with them upon their arrival to a healthcare center.

  • Picture ID (it can be a passport, motorcycle learners permit or driving license)
  • Medical records if you had any serious or chronic medical problem
  • Records of tests such as TB testing, syphilis testing, etc.
  • Vaccination and immunization records
  • I-94 form (if available)
  • Any mental or physical health records

Here it must be kept in mind that the most common reasons for disqualifying immigration physicals include:

  1. A contagious disease that can be harmful to other residents.
  2. Being an alcohol or drug addict.
  3. A mental or physical disorder with behaviour that can be dangerous to personal safety, general welfare, or property.

At Florida Sports and Family Health Center, we provide a range of physical tests at our facility including immigration physicals. In case, someone is looking to live in the United States of America as an immigrant or have applied for a permanent residency status, then the USCIS will require you to have immigration physicals from a reputable medical center. Luckily, our facility and our professional doctors are approved and authorized by the USCIS to conduct the physical exams related immigration.

Immigration physicals can be tough at a time for the people who want to move to the USA, but a right doctor can make you comfortable and ease the process of physical tests. However, our doctors here make the immigration physicals process friendly by using English and Spanish as per patient’s convenience. Our doctors will hand you the results of all tests in a sealed envelope, which will only be opened at your immigration hearing.

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