Immigration Physicals

A medical exam is necessary for all the people, who are willing to migrate to the US and become a permanent resident. Immigration Physicals exam is also required for those individuals, who live in the US and want to adjust their status to a permanent resident of the US. You need to fulfil all the requirements needed for immigration to ensure public safety in the country you are willing to immigrate to. It is a routine procedure so that foreign nationals with certain diseases can receive the vaccination before entering the US. This also ensures that the diseases or infections are not carried to that country and risk its citizens.

For people living in the US, the Immigration Physicals is performed by a licensed civil surgeon with a designation from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). People outside of the US have to undergo the medical exam from a physician designated by the US Department of State. This medical exam for immigration includes X-ray, blood tests, physical and mental examination and other important tests and scans. This test is just for immigration purposes and should not be a replacement for a comprehensive medical examination by healthcare professionals.

Medical Conditions Making People Inadmissible

There are some basic medical conditions that are deemed to make a person ineligible for the US immigration. The officials can reject the person on the basis of health condition if;

  • The person has a mental disorder and can harm others with its behavior
  • The person suffers from drug addiction and abuse
  • The person is vaccinated but cannot prove its authenticity
  • The person suffers from communicable diseases that can affect the population at large

Immigration Physicals Procedure

  • The questions related to the medical history of the applicant will be asked by the designated doctor. The information of the hospital stays in the past pertaining to any chronic condition or ailments have to be given to the doctor. Also, the information about past vaccinations and medication history have to be provided
  • In the physical exam, the doctor will examine all the parts of the body, from the eyes, ears, nose to legs, hands and toe. Even the heart, lungs and abdomen will be examined after taking certain X-rays and scans
  • In the mental exam, the designated doctor will assess the judgement, intelligence, mood, behavior and comprehension. The medical professional will also seek information on the past mental disorder if any.

Upon the completion of the medical examination, the doctor will record the results of the exam in a form given by the USCIS. If you are living outside the US, the doctor, in most cases, will send the results directly to the respective consulate. If you are in the US, you will be given a Form I-693, vaccination record as well as a complete report of the medical exam in the sealed envelope. In any case, you should not open the sealed envelope. The envelope has to be submitted to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and Homeland Security department. The results are valid only for a year from the date of medical examination.

Immigration Physicals exam is designed for protecting the US nationals from harmful infections and diseases. This medical exam will filter those people with diseases that can significantly impact the health of the US population. You have to meet the health standards of the US if you want to immigrate to the US or need to become a permanent US resident.

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