Immigration physical exams at Florida Sports and Family Health Center!

Take your immigration physical exam with Florida Sports and Family Health Center!

If you are an immigrant who wishes to enter the United States on an immigrant visa or you have applied for permanent residency status, the USCIS requires that you to take an immigrant physical exam. This examination is important for new US residents and the right doctor can make this process easy. The highly skilled physicians at FSFHC are USCIS approved and authorized to conduct these examinations. This examination is required to identify any possible pre-existing medical conditions that may require attention before your immigration status can be approved.

If during your examination there is a discovery of medical conditions, those conditions are classified as A or B conditions. Unfortunately, anyone who classifies as “A” would be ineligible for permanent US residency. Waivers may be granted for “B” classification medical conditions. This examination is an important step to determine your classification based on your conditions.

Why should you trust FSFHC for your immigration physical?

We make the process easy for you by speaking both English and Spanish, providing decades of experience, the highest patient care and most important of all a feeling of acceptance and love. In order for us to provide the best possible immigration physical, the physician will need to know your medical history, any past illnesses, surgeries and medical issues. The medical physician will then order the necessary tests to complete your application.

Upon completion of the exam, the physician will complete a USCIS form and provide it to you in a sealed envelope which cannot be opened until the time of your immigration hearing. We understand that this process may be intimidating, but at FSFHC, we are all on the same team! Contact Us today to get started! Orlando: 407.282.3344 Kissimmee:407.935.1192

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