Homeopathy is a medical practice of curing certain diseases and illness by using specially prepared substances. This practice of medicine is based on a belief that body has the natural tendency and power to heal itself. It is one of the safest ways of treating various kinds of diseases as well as chronic problems. It originated in Germany at the end of 18th century and was discovered to limit the side effects of conventional medical treatment. Homeopathic treatment is non-addictive and non-toxic and is effective in treating medical conditions without any side effects.

Homeopathic treatment is unique to each person as the medicines are prescribed depending on the condition of the body and type of disease. The prescribed medicines are prepared by extremely diluting tiny amounts of natural substances and then given based on the medical illness of the patient. The dose of medicine that is given to the patient is very minuscule, thus it is harmless to the body but very effective in treating various kinds of diseases. The medicines help in stimulating the healing power of the patient’s body via the immune system. The Homeopathic treatment is slow but very safe and acts deeper in curing the diseases. As the results from Homeopathic treatment last longer, it has become very popular and calls for more research in treating chronic ailments and diseases.

There are some main principles in Homeopathic treatment but the first and foremost, which is also called the guiding principle, is given as “like cures like”. This was suggested by Hippocrates in around 400 BC but this was done systematically by Dr Samuel Hahnemann after experimenting on himself and other volunteers. He used one single drug with very lower dose for treating the ailments. Now, in its current form, this has been practiced all over the world by renowned personalities.

The second principle is stated as the minimum dose. The medicines are prepared after a series of dilutions and it is continued until there are no chemical substances left. The higher dilution helps in giving more therapeutic effect with very few side effects. The third principle is given as the single remedy. In Homeopathic treatment, only one remedy is prescribed at a given time. This is to avoid confusion of which remedy was effective in treating the illness.

Advantages of Homeopathic Treatment

  • Homeopathy is very effective in treating long-standing chronic diseases
  • Recurring illness such as asthma, migraine, allergies, arthritis, etc can be easily cured by Homeopathic treatment
  • This treatment, if followed correctly, has no side effects and is safer and harmless because there are no toxic substances used
  • As the treatment targets the roots of the diseases, it provides long-lasting relief from the ailments
  • Homeopathy is safe for everyone, from pregnant women to newborn babies and elderly patients

Homeopathic treatment is very effective in treating both chronic illness and acute diseases. It is also easy to administer and can be effectively used with any kind of medication. Homeopathy is holistic because it addresses every patient’s physical and emotional condition along with the nature of the disease and then the treatment is given with extreme care and supervision.

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