Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine is known to have secret healing powers that are enough to heal underlying conditions in most patients. Since it has been used for many centuries and people have cured themselves by using it, its popularity has increased in the United States as well. Many homeopathic medicines are available on medical stores all over the United States even though it is not approved by the FDA. These days, you can find online doctors and experts claiming the benefits of homeopathic medicine, so, Florida Sports and Family Health Care has recently established a department of homeopathic medicine to give it a shot along with allopathic medicine. The purpose is to serve patients with all sorts of medical treatments under one roof.

Let’s dive into what Homeopathic medicine does and why it is so popular almost everywhere.

In homeopathic medicine, the experts gather natural extracts from different plants and herbs. This concentrated extract is diluted by using other neutral substances to make it usable for patients. The experts say that using a dilute mixture is ideal to treat patients. The thing is they call it the alternate medicine. This alternate medicine practice is used as a replacement for regular medical practice. Homeopathy healing theory is based on “treating like with like”. The theory resonates with the likes of a natural herbal remedy that can cause a healthy person to have the same symptoms as the patient, so this will be used to treat the sick patient.

Let’s suppose, there is a herb named ARNICA, it is used to treat insect bites, so if a person is wandering in the wild and have been a victim of any snake sting, he will be treated with that Arnica herb to let the toxic substance out. The natural extract is diluted to the point where it is hard to conclude if there are active ingredients left of the actual remedy, but we are sure there is some proper proportion of it in the medicine. The homeopathic medicine has roots with Chinese healing methods where they use plant-based tea to prevent various diseases. But there is this ideology that plants and herbs have characteristics to boost immunity.

Some of the most popular and easily available homeopathic herbs include Apis, poison ivy, arnica, crushed whole bees, calendula, and white arsenic. All of these herbs are used in diluted forms to treat illness in the patients. Some of them are diluted with water, alcohol, and sugar. The diluting process is called potentization process. The end product of homeopathic medicine comes in the form of sugar pellets, creams, gel, liquid drops, or tablets. As for the safety risks, it is said that the remedy is so diluted with water to have minor active ingredients so it is safe to say that it can be used for certain medical conditions.

Central Florida Sports and Family Health Center is a well-reputed medical institution where homeopathic treatment is available for health and medicine. Since Homeopathic medicine is not all approved from clinical trials, we use only those homeopathic medicines that are proven to make patients healthy. A homeopathic expert doctor will ask you about the symptoms and after that, he will write a prescription for you.

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