Family Medicine

Florida Sports and Family Health Center provides comprehensive primary care and medical evaluation services to individuals living in Florida, we make sure to use the best health care software systems (click for more info). EMR Software is also present to give patients the best experience. Here the doctors are specialized in family medicine to treat people of all ages. They can treat several diseases and conditions of all family members, regardless of their age, including elders, adults, teenagers, and children. No matter whether you are sick, healthy, or living with a severe condition, our doctors provide whole-individual care to support your needs.

The age of the patient and his/her medical diagnosis do not matters when it comes to family medicine as our doctors can handle almost every patient. Research studies in the field of family medicine have revealed that each family has some specific patterns in their genes, biological aspects, and behavioral characteristics. This way the treatment of the same family members becomes quite easy irrespective of their gender and age.

Doctors of FS&FHC are experienced in preventing and treating diseases and injuries linked with your occupation and happen in the workplace. We also accommodate employees’ compensation insurance. Our healthcare team provides treatment in the most supportive and convenient ways possible. They have expertise in family medicine, Pediatric Health, and internal medicine. We offer a wide variety of healthcare services, including preventive examinations and screenings, mental healthcare, swell-child exams, immigration physicals, and many more. They can easily treat minor illnesses and can even manage chronic conditions.

Family medicine doctors supervise the preventive care of the whole family.

They will inform the patient about potential illnesses that can become severe in the future. Being a patient of FS&FHC, you don’t need to worry about your physical and mental health, as our doctors will treat you through proper exercise and nutrition. If you are facing any physical issues or stress, then our family doctors can help you get the best health. There is no need to worry if you or your family is suffering from some viral disease or seasonal flu as our doctors can help you.

If anyone of you gets injured during an accident, then our family doctors will give you personalized and primitive care. Our entire team from nurses to doctors and clinic staff will take good care of your family health. All of them are friendly and polite to the patients to make them feel comfortable. Our doctors are well experienced and skilled in family medicine so you can trust their healthcare services. They will listen to your concerns and questions that may include financial, social, drug-related, medical, and nutritional issues.

FS&FHC is a place where you can get different healthcare facilities. Besides family medicine, we also offer all kinds of immigration and sports medicine tests together with other medical treatments. Dr. Joseph Torres established our healthcare facility in 1995 and since then it has become the best healthcare center in Florida. We are proud to treat patients of all races, ages, and gender. From the elderly to childcare treatment, our doctors treat all patients with special care, kindness, and respect. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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