Family Medicine

Family Medicine is a specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive health care to an individual and its family members. Most of the health concerns of the family members are addressed by the Family Medicine specialists. The healthcare is provided to all the members irrespective of their age, sex and type of disease. The physicians are actually trained to diagnose a wide spectrum of diseases and they focus on the overall well-being of the family members. As they are aware of the family history, by providing treatment over a period of time, the physicians become the priority when there is an emergency in the family.

The family medicine specialists undergo three years of residency following the completion of medical school. They are trained in most of the specialties like geriatrics, gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology and much more. This is the reason they are able to diagnose various types of diseases in the patient. The doctors are also aware of childhood illness, women’s health, teenage development problems, chronic medical conditions and other health issues.

Medical Areas Covered by Family Medicine Doctors

Family Medicine professionals are highly skilled and have a unique attitude to provide intensive healthcare to the patient. Most of the doctors cover the following medical areas, thereby providing consistent medical care to the patient.

  • Mental health problems like depression, insomnia, anxiety
  • Orthopedic care
  • ENT care
  • Various skin conditions, procedures and treatments such as skin cancer screening
  • Chronic health issues like diabetes, BP, asthma, etc
  • Acute medical problems like headache, stomach and chest pain
  • Diagnosis of various other medical problems and their treatment

Why Choose Family Medicine Specialists?

The relationship between family medicine practitioner and the patient is very important so that they can gain valuable insight into your behavior and lifestyle and monitor the health consistently. There are numerous other reasons for choosing the Family Medicine practitioner.

  • The family physicians are skilled to manage common medical complaints like fever, infections, cold, etc. They also take care of other concerns like slow growth rate in your child, gastric problems, metabolism issues, etc.
  •  The doctors are well-versed with the patient’s medical history and hence they can easily detect any unusual symptoms or diseases.
  •  They are familiar with all your previous medical records, which help them to recognize any hidden medical condition.
  •  The family medicine doctors coordinate with nurses, specialists and other medical assistants on your behalf and supervise them during the entire treatment program.
  • They also educate the patients and their family members about various health conditions and how to prevent them in future.

They make a proper diet chat plan and take care of the nutritional needs of the patient.
The family medicine practitioners take care of the patient right from its birth until death and make sure that they receive timely care for any serious medical condition. They effectively educate family members about personal hygiene and keep track of their medical history. They also become the right source for information during the medical treatment of the patient.

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