Family Medicine

Family medicine is a vast branch of medical practice. A family doctor physician covers people of all ages. A part of their job is to cover pediatrics, adolescent medicine, adult medicine, and geriatrics all under family medicine. The family medicine doctor is supposed to be the primary care doctor for his/her patients at the Florida Sports and Family Health Center. The reason for choosing family medicine doctors at this facility is because these doctors can care for patients for their whole lives, and they can see the extended family of those patients and even the multiple generations of the same family. So, family medicine is sort of connected.

Since family medicine comes under primary care medicine, it is used for preventive treatments as well.

To elaborate things, consider that a practicing family medicine doctor will diagnose people with general diseases and illnesses and prescribe them medicine. These diseases can vary from person to person and family to family. But for complex diseases, family medicine professionals evaluate the genetics and then conclude the treatment. According to them, genetics play an important role when it comes to diagnosing patterns for family diseases.

Almost every study in genetics concludes that every family has the same sequence in their genetic makeup, which allows the likelihood of the same blood type and genetic diseases. Apart from genes, they tend to have the same behavioral patterns as well. But that’s not all as with the family history, family medicine doctors can try preventive measures and change the likelihood of some diseases. As of now, you can’t stop genetic diseases, but a little alteration is possible. And even if something is evident, a doctor can warn you beforehand and you can delay or slow the progression of diseases. Definitely, your age and overall health play an important role to go through with the experimental trials but yes, these doctors are capable of handling such cases.

A family medicine doctor attends infants, children, adults, and elders regardless of their gender and color. They can guide you about the potential disease risks according to your family history. They will guide you about your health and suggest the right path to stay healthy. Even you can discuss the common flu and acne problems with your primary care doctor. If you are having symptoms of severe illness such as heart problems, brain problems, depression, or any other, your family medicine doctor will refer you to someone expert in the respective fields. However, they will be involved in things like maintaining your healthy weight, immunity, and mental health.

Florida Sports and Family Health Center is a place that offers family medicine among many other medical fields. Here you can bring anyone to get treatment. It is basically a general hospital complex that covers sports medicine, family medicine, women’s health, homeopathy, cardiology, and much more, they also have great equipment and the best hospital beds as well. It is a place where you can be checked without any discrimination. Dr. Torres founded it in 1995 and since then, they have been doing developments to offer more and more healthcare facilities to all people.

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