Accidents and injuries are a part of human life. Traffic accidents have become a common thing nowadays. Accidents can occur when two vehicles strike each other on the front, usually because one or both drivers come out of their travel lanes. Head-on car crashes cause serious injuries, and these are mostly fatal, especially for motorbike riders because they tend to travel at high speeds. The same thing in cars could be less fatal because of airbags but nothing is out of danger when a collision happens between two vehicles as there could be unlimited casualties, fire, and God knows what. Every time, there is a cluster of traffic, it is a potential cause of an accident.

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) report that get published every year, more than 1,000 accidents occur only in Florida state every day that causes a lot of injuries and deaths because Florida is the most dangerous interstate highway in America (USA) with 1.40 fatalities per mile. Most of them are teenagers who could be drunk driving or being busy in taking selfies or busy on phone calls or texting. These statistics are not just alarming for people who drive in Florida but also for hospitals that treat accident casualties in their vicinities. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have hospital staff and emergency doctors for this type of situation. If a necessary aid is not given to the patients, there is a major chance that the ill-fated will become handicapped or probably die on the road. The stakes are high, this is why Florida Sports and Family Healthcare Center is equipped to handle any of these situations. We have qualified doctors who run the best diagnostic of our patients and serve their best interest.

Auto Accidents happen so fast but it can have serious after-effects as well.

A person’s wounds and other injuries might seem to heal but there are a lot more things that affect a person’s mental health especially when he/she is gone through trauma. So, a comprehensive physical and psychological treatment is very important for anyone who is been through a car or motor accident. Luckily, the hospital is branching out in different medical fields, so more people could get medical facilities at affordable prices. Now, a person can get a full treatment at our facility. There is a whole new physical therapy program to keep the patient on the path of recovery.

The Florida Sports and Family Health Center (FSFHC) is one of the best medical facility centers in Florida. It was initiated by Doctor Joseph Torres in 1995, who is the managing director and the founder of this sports medicine facility. He has specialized in both Family and Sports Medicine. FSFHC provides good medical and physical health opportunities to the athletes and their families. All the doctors and other medical staff are all board certified and specialized in the areas of Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, Women Medicine, Diabetes Care, Hypertension Care and more.

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